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Toy Drive

500 Toys Donated to the Toy Drive

VOKODO TOYS donates 500 toys to the Toy Drive - prices of the toys ranging from $14.95 to $89.95.

$10 Toy Drive Donations

In addition to the 500 toys from VOKODO TOYS, anyone wishing to participate at the Toy Drive can donate $10 for an additional, randomly selected toy to be added to the Toy Drive.
Meanwhile, VOKODO TOYS will match your $10 donation and will add an identical toy to the Toy Drive.

When is the Toy Drive?

The Toy Drive is scheduled on the Third Saturday of each November.

When is the last day to make the $10 Toy Drive donation?

The $10 Toy Drive donation will be available until the Third Monday of November.

How can I make the $10 Toy Drive donation?

Use the below donation link to make your donation.

$10 Toy Drive Donation