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Burger Press by SiliCo | 8 In 1 Circular Compartments for Patties, Cookies, Hash Browns, Cutlets & More | Red

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SiliCo Burger Press / Burger Patty Maker: 8 circular compartments for Patties, Soups, Cookies, Hash Browns, Cutlets & More

Simple, healthy & homemade!
The party chef silicone burger press makes it easy to prepare healthy homemade burgers and more. Treat your guests to the ingredients you would like to use for delicious customized burgers, cutlets, hash browns, cookies, soups, stews, chili, meat sauces and more.

Preparation takes 4 easy steps:
  • 1. Separate top lid from bottom tray
  • 2. Fill ingredients into bottom tray
  • 3. Place top lid over bottom tray by aligning and gently pushing lid to flatten patties and close tightly
  • 4. Place party chef into refrigerator, freezer, or cooler. Once chilled, the burger patties are ready to be cooked.

Additionally, the party chef is dishwasher safe, made with 
100% food grade silicone.
For first time usage wash using dish-washing liquid or baking soda and wipe off the water. Bring out your inner chef, get creative, and have some fun!

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